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Procedure documentationIdentifying and Correcting Errors Locate this document in the navigation structure


If an error occurs while a SAProuter is in operation, an error message is displayed by the SAProuter client. The message helps you to locate the cause of the error and find a solution.


You can find more information about error handling in the log file. Logging in SAProuter must be activated (Option -G<logfile>).


Restrict the error to one of the following error groups:

  • Connection Setup Errors

  • Connection Terminations

  • Other errors /occasional errors

To find the relevant group, you can enter the error text in the full text search in the documentation.

Once you have restricted the error to a group, proceed as follows:

Connection Setup Errors

Connection Terminations

Other Errors

More Information

You can find information about the syntax of SAProuter error messages, and examples of frequently occurring errors in SAProuter Error Messages

Log file

If no error occurs, you can tell this from the log file. Entries are described in Successful Connection Setup and Data Transfer.

SAP Notes

With other error messages or problems with SAProuter you can look for solutions in the SAP Note system under component BC-CST-NI.

You can find notes about the SAProuter environment in section SAP Notes for the SAProuter.