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If you want to use Logging in the SAProuter, you can start your SAProuter with this option and specify a log file.

UNIX/Windows: saprouter -r -G <logfile>

IBM i saprouter '-r -G <logfile>'

<logfile> is the name (relative path name) you specify for the log file. All important activities, such as starting the connection and runtime operations, are logged in this file:

  • Connection from (client name/address)

  • Connection to (partner name/address)

  • Partner service

  • Start time

  • End time

  • Connection requests rejected after checking the route permission table.

You can restrict the size of the log file in Option -J<size in bytes>.

Note Note

If the SAProuter can no longer write to the log file, because for instance the hard drive is full, for security reasons it switches to soft shutdown mode (it does not accept any new connections, see Option -p (Soft Shutdown)).

End of the note.

If this option is not used, a log file is not created.


In section Logging im SAProuter you can find an example of a log file.