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This section explains the profile parameters relevant to the operation of the ICM and the ICM server cache.

You can display most of these parameters in the ICM Monitor and change some of them dynamically. On the initial screen of transaction SMICM choose   Goto   Parameters   Display   or Change. On the change screen you can go directly to the RZ11 parameter documentation for the individual parameters.

Example Example

You can find an example of the setting of the ICM parameter in the instance profile in Sample Profile for the ICM.

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Most of the parameters are also valid for the SAP Web Dispatcher. Exceptions are parameters that control the SMTP communication, and parameters that control the communication with the backend (work process). The parameters valid for the ICM and Web Dispatcher can be found in the navigation structure in section

Profile Parameters for ICM and SAP Web Dispatcher.


The parameters can be divided into the following groups:

HTTP Subhandler Parameters

Note Note

These parameters are also valid for HTTPS, as the ICM SSL closes and processes the request in same way as with HTTP. The parameters are not valid for SMTP.

The parameters are also valid for the SAP Web Dispatcher, if icm/server_port_<xx>HTTP or HTTPS is specified as the protocol (option PROT). For more information, see: SAP Web Dispatcher and SSL.

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For information about parameters with the ending <xx> see Generic Profile Parameters with the Ending _<xx>.

SSL Configuration (HTTPS)

For information about the ICM configuration for HTTPS see Set Profile Parameters for Using SSL.

Work Process Resources for ICM Requests

If an ICM is being processed in a work process, you will see an entry of type PLUGIN in the User Overview (SM04). The following profile parameters are available for configuring resources:







The settings enable you to determine how many plug-in requests (HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, etc.) can be processed at the same time in the application server.

System resources are managed in the same way when RFC requests are processed.

For more information, see: Configuration of System Resources for Parallel RFC


Most of the profile parameters are preconfigured to allow the smooth operation of the ICM and the ICM server cache. Normally, you only have to set a few of the central parameters.


In the section Example Profiles for the ICM you can see the possible parameter settings.