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Procedure documentation Printing from SAP GUI for HTML  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


With this print method, the print data is sent to the browser and displayed. You can then print the document locally using SAP GUI for HTML.


Your administrator has set up front-end printing by creating a generic printer definition that can be used for different physical printers.



       1.      Choose the print function in the SAP GUI for HTML.

If, for example, you want to print the list of output devices, choose Menu   Output Device   Print This List.

       2.      In the window that appears, enter the name of the printer that was created especially for printing using the SAP GUI for HTML (see “Prerequisites” above).

       3.      Choose the time of printing. You can print the request immediately or choose a later time of printing.

       4.      If you choose immediate printing, the browser starts the PDF Viewer.

A new PDF viewer, from which the document can be immediately printed, is started for each document.

       5.      If you do not want to print immediately, you can start the print request at a later time from the output controller (transaction SP01) of the SAP GUI for HTML. Proceed as follows:

                            a.      Open the output controller in transaction SP01 and choose Execute. 

                            b.      In the list of spool requests, choose Utilities List of SAP GUI for HTML Print Requests.

A list of spool requests that were created in the SAP GUI for HTML appears.

                            c.      Choose the relevant spool request in the list and choose PDF Display.

The print data is displayed in the PDF viewer, from which you can print the data using the print function.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying textThis function is only available if it is used from the SAP GUI for HTML. In the SAP GUI for Windows, the option is grayed out and cannot be called.





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