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What is BAPI Documentation?

BAPI documentation describes a BAPI method of a business object in the Business Object Repository (BOR).

Target Audience

BAPI documentation is mainly used by developers and consultants at customer sites. SAP describes BAPIs as "business (not technical) interfaces of an SAP System, which do not require users to have a thorough knowledge of the SAP System or of the SAP development environment."

You should, therefore, assume that readers are not SAP or business application experts.

This is quite an unusual target audience for SAP documentation. It is, therefore, especially important that BAPI developers and technical writers keep the target audience in mind.

Customer Expectations

Customers expect documentation to be complete, detailed and well structured and expect it to answer fundamental questions they may have about using BAPIs. Possible questions could be:

In the case of BAPIs of SAP interface types, additional questions could be:

BAPI documentation must provide answers to these questions.