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 BDT Analyzer (New)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Technical Data

Function Is


For Release

Software Component

·        Component: SAP NetWeaver

·        Release: 2004s


Assignment to Application Component

CA-GTF-BDT Business Data Toolset


Country Setting

Valid for all countries


As of Release SAP NetWeaver 2004s you can use the BDT Analyzer as an analysis and Customizing help for BDT-based applications.

The analyzer shows the layout of a BDT application in a tree structure, whose nodes are listed as follows:

·        Screen Sequence Categories

·        Screen Sequences

·        Screens

·        Sections

·        Views

·        Field Groups

·        Fields

You can jump to the relevant Customizing from each of the nodes in this tree.
If, for example, you select Views, you can get to the Customizing for all views of a particular BDT application object.
If you select a specific view from the upper-level nodes, you get directly to the Customizing of this view.

You can start the analyzer by:

·        Using the report BDT_ANALYZER (BDT-Analyzer)

You can display the complete Customizing of a BDT application object or search selectively for individual elements.

For example, you want to display all the locations where the view BUP105 of the BDT object BUPA is used. You can enter this view as a selection criterion in the selection screen for this.

·        Using the function code BDT_ANALYZER in the command line within a BDT application.

It is a display that is similar to that of the report, only it is specific to the current screen sequence category and current screen sequence number.


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