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unlock( onsuccess, onerror ) methodLocate this document in the navigation structure

Unlock the Logon plugin's secure data vault if it has been locked (due to being inactive, or sap.Logon.lock being called), then the user is prompted for the passcode to unlock the application.

If the application is already unlocked, then nothing will be done.

If the application has passcode disabled, then passcode prompt will not be necessary.
In all cases if an error does not occur, the success callback is invoked with the current logon context
as the parameter.

<static> unlock( onsuccess, onerror )

Name Type Description
<onsuccess> sap.Logon~successCallback The callback to call if the screen flow succeeds.onsuccess will be called with the current logon context as a single parameter.
<onerror> sap.Logon~errorCallback The callback to call if the screen flow fails.
var errorCallback = function(errorInfo){
    alert("Error: " + JSON.stringify(errorInfo));
var successCallback = function(context){
    alert("Registered and unlocked.  Context: " + JSON.stringify(context));