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Gateway Management Cockpit is the central UI for all administration tasks for Integration Gateway.

You can use Gateway Management Cockpit to:
  • Manage destinations
  • Manage service registrations
  • Troubleshoot

This guide walks you through all the activities that can be performed on Gateway Management Cockpit. See Enabling Models as OData Services for information about enabling content as OData services.

Starting Gateway Management Cockpit

To start Gateway Management Cockpit, enter https://host_name:https_admin_port/gateway/cockpit in any supported browser. Log in using the administrator user name and password.

Creating a Security Profile at the Namespace Level

The security profile defines how the SAP Mobile Platform server authenticates the user during onboarding, and request-response interactions. To prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing and reading the data, create the security profile at the namespace level. See Accessing Integration Gateway from an Application for more information.