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The CacheManager plugin provides the ability to cache resources persistently and manage the lifecycle of SAP UI5 resources.


 Using this plugin, you can
maximize the performance of online SAP UI5 applications.
This is achieved by caching to disk the responses that
are received by the webview according to their response
headers. CacheManager then maintains and periodically
checks for manifest files that tell whether resources for
an app has been updated. When an update is found, the
cache is purged. 


            Adding and Removing the

 The CacheManager plugin is added
and removed using the Cordova
CLIInformation published on non-SAP site.


 To add the CacheManager plugin to
your project, use the following command:

plugin add <path to directory containing Kapsel


 To remove the
CacheManager plugin from your project, use the following

 cordova plugin rm
Name Description
cacheinvalidated Event fired when CacheManager has it's cache invalidated.
noviewerfound Event fired when CacheManager is unable to display a particular mime type because there is no view for that type installed on the device.