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Find the component files that are necessary to develop different types of applications.

The following table shows the top-level subdirectories that are created when you install SAP Mobile Platform SDK. The directory names identify the type of application that the different components support.

By default, SAP Mobile Platform SDK components are installed in the C:\SAP\MobileSDK<XXX> directory, which is represented in this guide by <SDK_HOME>.

Table 1: SAP Mobile Platform SDK Installation Subdirectories
Directory Description
_smpjvm JVM used by the uninstaller.
AgentryToolkit Agentry Editor, Agentry Test Environment, and support files.
ClientHub Files for Client Hub applications, used for registering applications on iOS and Android devices.
InstallLogs Log files that are created each time the SAP Mobile Platform SDK installer is used. Use these logs to troubleshoot installer issues.
KapselSDK Kapsel framework files.
NativeSDK Native application files that support Mobile Application Framework (MAF) and OData Framework.
SMSToolKit Short Message Service (SMS) files, that support SMS Builder.
ThirdParty License terms of third-party components that are included in SAP Mobile Platform SDK.
Tools Interactive Local OData (ILOData) command-line utility lets you run OData requests against a local offline store.
Uninstaller SAP Mobile Platform SDK uninstaller files.