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(Android, iOS, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10) Invokes the settings exchange API on the SAP Mobile Platform Server, which sends the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) application connection settings to the server and downloads application settings from the server.

If application settings such as log level and log upload mode are changed on the server, the Settings plugin synchronizes the information with the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) application. Since the Push plugin sends up the push token to the server, it depends on the Settings plugin that handles this settings exchange.

You can use version V1 or version V2 of settings plugin to download application settings from the SAP Mobile Platform Server.

The APIs for the Settings plugin allow device and user settings to be stored on the device to make a connection with the SAP Mobile Platform Server. The client sends the server the DeviceType, DeviceModel, PushEnabled, and other push-related statuses. The settings also use the device token that is received during device registration. The server uses this information to determine whether to send a GCM, WNS or APNS push notification.

Domain Whitelisting

Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) plugins support Apache Cordova's domain whitelisting model. Whitelisting allows you to control access to external network resources. Apache Cordova whitelisting allows you to whitelist individual network resources (URLs), for example,

For information about the whitelist rules, see published on non-SAP site.