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The Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) is a set of SAP plugins for Apache Cordova.

Apache Cordova provides a suite of APIs you can use to access native capabilities. The Cordova container provides JavaScript libraries that give you consistent APIs you can call the same way on any supported device. The Cordova container is simply a holder in which any APIs and extensions are implemented as plugins. Apache Cordova includes a command line interface for managing Cordova applications and the application development process.


The Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) leverages the Cordova application container and provides Kapsel plugins to make the Cordova container enterprise-grade, allowing it to more seamlessly integrate with SAP Mobile Platform Server and SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services. The Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) plugins provide capabilities like application life cycle management, implementation of a common logon manager and single sign-on (SSO), integration with SAP Mobile Platform Server-based push notifications and so on. Since the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) is implemented without modifying the Cordova container, it is compatible with anything else you develop with Cordova, and allows you access to the latest Cordova features and bug fixes when you build your application.


Use the following interactive image to help guide you through creating an Apache Cordova project, developing the Hybrid app, and installing the desired Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) plugins.
Note The diagram represents a common path through the Hybrid app development process, but not all options are represented or required. For example:
NoteThe following image contains links to product documentation as well as to other Web sites .Information published on SAP site  Link to another SAP-owned site. To build Hybrid applications, you must first set up your development environment. Define and configure the application in the SAP Mobile Platform Server Management Cockpit or HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services Cockpit. To create an Apache Cordova project for use with the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel), use the Cordova command line tool.  Link to another SAP-owned site. (Android, iOS, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10) Manage application registration and authentication processes either through SAP Mobile Platform Server, SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services or through SAP Gateway server. Client Hub is a native application a user installs on the device that allows multiple business applications to share common credentials enabling an SSO-style behavior. The Client Hub, integrated with Logon Manager, simplifies user onboarding and configuration to enable easier and faster enterprise-wide deployments. Client Hub is an additional layer of management on top of the shared keychain, and allows end users to control which applications are using their credentials. The Client Hub reduces the effort required by the end user to manage multiple passwords for mobile applications and improves the user experience. Client Hub supports both OData and Hybrid (Kapsel) applications. You can configure an Android or iOS client for basic authentication or mutual certificate authentication with Afaria Server. You can configure a Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 client for basic authentication.  Link to another SAP-owned site.  Link to another SAP-owned site. Developers use one or more Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) plugins in Cordova applications to add SAP Mobile Platform awareness and capabilities to the application. The plugins that you use vary depending on your application’s requirements. Manage these Cordova plugins in a Cordova project using the standard Cordova CLI plugin commands. Develop an offline Hybrid OData application. Create an OData application, register the connection, and retrieve the application connection settings. The Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) is UI5 framework agnostic. You can use any third party framework with the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) that is compatible with Cordova. This section discusses framework integration with the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel), and provides an overview of common UI libraries for standards-based Web development. The Mobile Application Workbench (MAW) lets you  customize mobile applications that you build using Mobile Application Framework (MAF). You can change SAP-supplied configurations (also called application metadata), package the changes, and deploy them to the SAP Mobile Platform. Packages are provisioned to mobile applications that have subscribed to change notifications. Provision the Hybrid App with Mobile Place or Afaria.  Link to another SAP-owned site.  Link to another SAP-owned site.  Link to another SAP-owned site. Test your Cordova project by opening it in its respective development environment (Eclipse with Android plugins or Xcode), then run it in the corresponding emulator (Android) or simulator (iOS),