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Configuring Case-Insensitivity for the Offline Database Locate this document in the navigation structure

You can configure the offline database to accept case-insensitive values for string comparisons.


By default, the offline database is case-sensitive. For example, when executing a case-sensitive comparison operation, an upper-case letter "S" and a lower-case letter "s" are treated as unique values returning no match. When case-insensitivity is enabled, "S" and "s" are treated as equal values returning a match.


To enable case-insensitivity, do one of the following:
  • Edit the application's config.ini file, and set the case_sensitive_offline_db= property value to no. For example,
  • Use the substringof filter with the tolower() function in a URL. For example,$format=json&$filter=substringof(tolower(Name) eq 'bread')
    Instead of$format=json&$filter=Name eq 'bread'