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Configuring the Managed SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure

After you upload the initial payload from Management Cockpit, SAP Mobile Platform is added to SAP Solution Manager as a managed system. The managed system definition enables diagnostic capabilities in Solution Manager. You can view the managed system configuration in SAP Solution Manager, and make additional configuration changes.


Ensure Introscope Agents are configured against Introscope Enterprise Manager as described in SAP Note 1990123 - Managed System Configuration for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 with SAP Solution Manager 7.1: published on non-SAP site


SAP Solution Manager uses the managed system configuration for SAP Mobile Platform root cause analysis.

The procedures that follow do not replace Solution Manager documentation, but provide some context while integrating SAP Mobile Platform with Solution Manager. The screen shots are representative only, and may not reflect your user interface (for example, any references to Sybase Unwired Platform denote SAP Mobile Platform).


  1. From SAP Solution Manager, open SAP Solution Manager Configuration Workcenter.
  2. From the left pane, select Managed Systems Configuration.

  3. In the right pane, click the filter icon, and use the filter tool to locate System Type "SAP Unwired Platform"; and then choose SAP Unwired Platform.
  4. Select Technical Systems to set up a managed system for SAP Unwired Platform.
  5. Click Configure System, and select Full Configuration.
  6. Select the product, and Assign Diagnostic Agent.

    If no diagnostic agents are assigned, select the SLD Agent Candidates tab, and bind the agents from SLD to Solution Manager before assigning them.

  7. Select Enter the System Parameters, and enter values for the SAP Mobile Platform installation.



    Sybase Control Center host

    Default: host name of the SAP Mobile Platform 3.<x> installation

    Sybase Control Center port

    Default: 8083

    SAP Mobile Platform Cluster Admin user/password

    Create a separate user in the SAP Mobile Platform Management Cockpit

    Sybase Unwired Server Management port

    Default: 2000

    Unified Management port

    Default: 9999

  8. Select Enter Landscape Parameters, and verify that the landscape parameter for SAP Mobile Platform is pointing to the correction installation path.

    SAP Mobile Platform Server instance path=<<$Install Location of SMP$>>

  9. Select Configure Managed System, and complete automatic and manual configuration steps without errors. Follow the instructions under .

  10. To verify the configuration, follow the procedure in Viewing Workload Analysis Data, and see if you are gathering data from the SAP Mobile Platform system. You need to wait for the data to collect, since it is not collected in real time.