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Installing the Java Introscope AgentLocate this document in the navigation structure

Install the Java Introscope agent on all server nodes in an SAP Mobile Platform Server cluster.



These instructions are valid for Wily Introscope Agent version 9.1.5 running with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP07 and later.


  1. Navigate to the SAP Service Marketplace Software Download Center at published on SAP site
  2. In the left pane, select Start of the navigation path Support Packages and Patches Next navigation step Browse Download Catalog End of the navigation path, then select Start of the navigation path SAP Technology Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Next navigation step Entry by Component Next navigation step Agents for Managed System End of the navigation path.
  3. Select Start of the navigation path WILY INTRO AGT 9 MIN J5 Next navigation step # OS Independent End of the navigation path, and select the Introscope Java agent.
  4. Stop the server.
  5. Under <SMP_HOME>\MR30, create a directory called "IntroscopeAgent" at the same level as the Servers directory.
  6. Under the IntroscopeAgent directory, create a directory called "Java".
  7. Copy the Wily directory and all its contents from the Introscope Agent Java release to the Java directory.
  8. Extract the contents of the file to <SMP_HOME>\MR30\IntroscopeAgent\Java\wily\core\config, overwriting existing files.
  9. Extract into <SMP_HOME>\MR30\IntroscopeAgent\Java\wily\core\ext, overwriting existing files.
  10. Configure the Java agent on the server:
    1. For the application service node, add the following properties to the Java option in the <SMP_HOME>\MR30\Servers\UnwiredServer\bin\mlsrv.ext.ini file:
      Note Substitute the following path variables with property values in the <SMP_HOME>\MR30\Servers\UnwiredServer\Repository\Instance\com\sybase\sup\server\SUPServer\ file:
      • %CLUSTER_NAME% – replace with the value of
      • %MOBILINK_SERVERNAME% – replace with the value of ml.servername.
    2. For the scale-out node, add the following properties to the <SMP_HOME>\MR30\Servers\UnwiredServer\bin\websrv.ini file:
    3. Open the <SMP_HOME>\MR30\Servers\UnwiredServer\config\configure-sup.xml file, and make these changes:
      • Uncomment line 8 <property name="" value=""/>
      • Uncomment line 11 <property file="${}" />
      • Add ${} to both:
        • The configure-mobilink Java option, and
        • configure-websrv-ini
        Note Look at the configure-sup.xml file for examples of how to configure these properties.
    4. In <SMP_HOME>\MR30\Servers\UnwiredServer\config, create a file called, and add the following to it:
  11. On a command line, run:
    setx Cor_Enable_Profiling 0x1 /m
  12. Set the Enterprise Manager (EM) host and port for the Java agent:
    1. Edit the Java profile in the <SMP_HOME>\MR30\IntroscopeAgent\Java\wily\core\config\ IntroscopeAgent.profile file.
    2. Set the value of the property to the IP address of the EM host.
    3. Set the value of the introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.transport.tcp.port.DEFAULT property to the EM port number.
    4. Restart the server.
  13. (Optional) To disable the agent:
    1. Run: setx Cor_Enable_Profiling 0x0 /m
    2. Remove the properties that you added in step 10, and restart the server.
  14. (Optional) To reenable the agent after disabling it:
    1. Run: setx Cor_Enable_Profiling 0x1 /m
    2. Repeat step 10, and restart the server.