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Monitoring and Analysis with SAP Solution ManagerLocate this document in the navigation structure

SAP Solution Manager enables you to centralize, enhance, automate, and improve management of your entire SAP landscape. When SAP Mobile Platform is included as part of a broader SAP system, you can use SAP Solution Manager to access supportability features such as change analysis, workload analysis, and system availability.

First, configure SAP Solution Manager to recognize SAP Mobile Platform, then you can use the Solution Manager dashboard to:

  • Perform end-to-end workload analysis for native and hybrid apps Solution Manager is integrated with Wily Introscope to extend the workload analysis feature for the larger enterprise system. Once you have configured the Introscope agent on SAP Mobile Platform Server, the agent captures the workload metrics, which you can review using either Solution Manager or the Introscope Enterprise Manager dashboard. For a list of the metrics collected for workload analysis, see Using Introscope Agent for Workload Analysis.
  • Perform end-to-end change analysis Solution Manager periodically retrieves server- and application-level configurations from SAP Mobile Platform. You can use the Solution Manager dashboard to review and discover any configuration changes that have been made over a specific period of time. This information is especially useful when ad hoc changes cause disruption in a productive system. This change analysis approach identifies problems by comparison, which is faster and easier than drill-down methods of root cause analysis.
  • Technical availability monitoring Solution Manager provides a central point of access for monitoring a system's technical availability for SAP Mobile Platform. This allows you to use the Solution Manager dashboard to evaluate SAP Mobile Platform's overall system status in the mobile system landscape.