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Deleting Hybrid App Details Using the REST APILocate this document in the navigation structure

Delete a hybrid app using the delete application REST API.

Note You can delete a hybrid app from a specific platform or from all platforms

To delete from all platforms, perform a DELETE request to the following URI:

To delete from a specific platform, perform a DELETE request to the following URI:

Include the user name and password in the request to provide authentication for the URI.


On successful deletion, the client receives a 200 status code. Otherwise, an HTTP failure code and failure message are returned.

Note This example uses the curl command line client and the --cacert flag. Your client may require you to pass other arguments or set specific configuration options.
  • Delete application from all platforms
    curl --user <user>:<password> --cacert <your-server.pem> --X DELETE -i https://localhost:8083/Admin/kapsel/jaxrs/KapselApp/MyTestAppId