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The No Authentication Challenge provider offers pass-through security for SAP Mobile Platform Server, and is intended to be used for either development or deployments that require no security control. Do not use this provider in production environments, for administration, or for device user authentication.

To use the No Authentication Challenge provider, configure the endpoint to allow a technical user to connect to the back end, and access the back-end using technical-user credentials (BASIC/X.509).

Using the No Authentication Challenge provider, all login attempts succeed, no matter what values are used for the user name and password. Additionally, all role and control checks based on attributes also succeed.

Note If you configure No Authentication Challenge in a security profile to which you have assigned client applications that you intend to run anonymously, the anonymous applications fail. SAP Mobile Platform authenticates the user, even though the user presents no valid credentials. SAP Mobile Platform then proceeds to connect to a back-end system, assuming the client is authenticated, and tries to use SSO credentials for the back end. However, these credentials are absent, and the back-end connection fails.