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The JabberChannel is a test channel through which you can send messages to a customer using Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

To register a mapping between a Jabber ID and a mobile phone number, the customer must send a message consisting of a backslash plus his or her phone number (\+642222222) to the SAP Mobile Platform customer. The customer specifies the short code to which the message should be sent by prefixing his or her text with the short code in brackets. Responses from the back end have the short code in brackets also preceding the text.

  • Preferences node: /businesslayer/com/sybase365/mobiliser/util/messaging/channelmanager/engine/impl/ChannelInstantiator/jabberchannel1
  • ConfigAdmin PID: com.sybase365.mobiliser.util.messaging.channelmanager.engine.impl.ChannelInstantiator.jabberchannel1
You can set these configuration options:
Key Default Description
channelId defaultQ Indicates the channel’s ID.
urlSupplement http Appends the supplement to the channel manager URL, making the HTTP channel accessible. It is a suffix on the URL for internal processing.
incomingChannelId   Indicates the destination channel ID that is used when this channel submits a message to ChannelManager.
xmppHost   Indicates the host name of the XMPP server.
xmppPort   Indicates the port to use for the XMPP server.
xmppUsername   Indicates the Jabber user name, for example, mobiliser.
xmppPassword   Indicates the password of the Jabber user.
xmppServiceName   Indicates the host part of the Jabber user, for example,
welcomeText Welcome! Please enter your MSISDN with a leading \\(you can change it at any time) Indicates the welcome message sent to a new Jabber ID.
instructionText Please prefix your message with the short code in brackets, e.g. [234872] balance Indicates the message instructing the Jabber user on how to communicate with the Jabber channel.