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All application level user accounts are managed by Mobiliser in its central database.

The relevant tables are:
  • MOB_CUSTOMERS stores information about the type of user, and status information.
  • MOB_CUSTOMERS_IDENTIFICATIONS stores unique identifications for the users, such as user names.
  • MOB_CUSTOMERS_CREDENTIALS stores hashed user passwords.

Other than for the initial setup, there is usually no direct interaction with the tables required.

Based on various criteria that is specific to the individual customer or customer type, users are automatically equipped with privileges that allow them to make certain service calls into Mobiliser. Each service call is normally protected by an individual privilege. In addition, the service is bundled into a context. The context may require another privilege and defines the URL under which a service is exported. In some situations, technical users are used, for example, by the Web portal or by other internal components that invoke services.