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Database Audit Manager and Audit DispatcherLocate this document in the navigation structure

The database audit manager records audit information to a persistent database table, allowing reports to be written in SQL to get a snapshot of incoming requests. The audit dispatcher dispatches a worker to process queued audits into the database.

Database Audit Manager
  • Preferences node: /businesslayer/com/sybase365/mobiliser/money/auditmgr/DatabaseAuditManager
  • ConfigAdmin PID:
You can set this configuration option:
Key Default Description
disabled false Disables audit manager.
Audit Dispatcher
  • Preferences node: /businesslayer/com/sybase365/mobiliser/money/auditmgr/AuditDispatcher
  • ConfigAdmin PID:
Preferences node:
You can set these configuration options:
Key Default Description
interval 3000 Defines the interval, in milliseconds, for running the dispatch worker to write entries to the database.
batchSize 50 Defines the maximum number of entries to write into the database as part of a batch.
interval 60000 Defines the maximum value for the interval between runs. If no entries are found, the interval between runs is increased up to this maximum value.
maxConcurrent 3 Defines the maximum concurrent workers to process the load. If the worker finds entries to write in the database and there are more than the batch size left after the run, the worker submits additional workers.
shutdownWait 5000 Defines the shutdown wait time, in milliseconds, for the executor dispatching the workers. If set to 0, the executor shuts down immediately losing any queued audits. Otherwise, the executor stops accepting new workers and waits for processing to complete or until the defined amount of time elapses before forcing a shutdown.