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Configuring JMS ChannelsLocate this document in the navigation structure

A single JMS channel supports both inbound and outbound traffic.


The JMS queue names define whether messages on the queue are inbound or outbound. The SAP JMS message format is proprietary. To use this channel mechanism, consult with your SAP Support contact.


  1. On the Manage Channels screen, select the JMS Connector tab, and enter values for these parameters:
    Parameter Description
    Name Unique name for the channel.
    URL JMS broker to connect to.
    Username User name for authentication.
    Password Valid password for the user name.
    In Queue Queue name to look for inbound messages.
    Out Queue Queue name to look for outbound messages.
    Active To activate the channel, select the check box; to deactivate, unselect the check box.
    Note Adding, deleting, or modifying a channel requires that you restart all active channels, which impacts all running applications in all workspaces. In addition, when you switch a channel from “active” to “not active,” the channel is detached from its workspaces during the restart process, leaving these workspaces without an outbound channel.
  2. To restart channels, select Start of the navigation path Channel Actions Next navigation step Restart Channels End of the navigation path.