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Configuring SMPP Outbound ChannelsLocate this document in the navigation structure

SMPP outbound connections are specific to a workspace—one connection per workspace. SMS Builder makes outbound connections to short message service centers (SMSC) and SMS gateways.


  1. On the Manage Channels screen, select the SMPP OUT tab, and enter values for these parameters:
    Parameter Description
    Name Unique name for the channel.
    URL Host name of the short message service center (SMSC).
    Port Port number to create a connection to.
    Username User name for authentication.
    Password Valid password for the user name.
    System type Identifier for the SMSC.
    Dest Ton Destination-number type.
    Dest Npi Destination numbering plan identification.
    Src Ton Source-number type.
    Src Npi Source numbering plan identification.
    Delay (ms) Message delay before sending next message, in milliseconds.
    Keep Alive (ms) Frequency for sending enquire-link requests, in milliseconds; required to keep the SMPP connection alive. SMPP protocol setting.
    Permanent Whether connections persist or a new connection is created for each message. To persist connections, select the check box; to create new connections, unselect the check box.
    Active Whether this channel is active or not. To activate, select the check box; to deactivate, unselect the check box.
    Note Adding, deleting, or modifying a channel requires that you restart all active channels, which impacts all running applications in all workspaces. In addition, when you switch a channel from “active” to “not active,” the channel is detached from its workspaces during the restart process, leaving these workspaces without an outbound channel.
  2. To restart channels, select Start of the navigation path Channel Actions Next navigation step Restart Channels End of the navigation path.