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Enable SSL for the Web UI (HTTPS).


SMS Builder embeds Jetty for its javax.servlet container capability. Configure Jetty for SSL, and use the X.509 certificate, which SAP recommends.


  1. Create a keystore if one does not yet exist:
    1. On the command line, enter:
      keytool -keystore keystore -alias jetty -genkey -keyalg RSA
    2. Follow the onscreen instructions. Enter the first and last name to match your machine host name.
    3. Copy the keystore file to the <SMSBUILDER_HOME>/conf/keystore directory.
  2. In the conf/cfgbackup directory, create an file (if it does not already exist), and add these lines:
    # Enable SSL 
    # SSL Port
    # Keystore created to hold SSL certificate 
    # Keys to access Keystore and SSL certificate 
  3. To encrypt the properties org.ops4j.pax.web.ssl.password and org.ops4j.pax.web.ssl.keypassword, run the encryption tool.
  4. Enter the encrypted passwords, as in the example, below:
    # Keys to access Keystore and SSL certificate 
  5. Stop and restart the server.
  6. Verify the connection at https://<hostname>:8443/brand, where <hostname> is the name of the machine on which the server is running.


For more information about configuring Jetty for SSL, see published on non-SAP site