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Starting and Stopping Management Cockpit on WindowsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can start and stop Management Cockpit in different ways.

Note SAP Mobile Platform Server must be started before you can start Management Cockpit.
Starting Management Cockpit from Any Computer on the Network

On any computer on the network, in a supported browser, enter: https://<host_name>:<https_admin_port>/Admin/, then log in with the administrative user name and password.

Starting Management Cockpit on the Server Host
On the server host, you can also use any of these options to start Management Cockpit, then log in with the administrative user name and password:
  • Desktop icon – double-click the SAP Management Cockpit icon on the Windows desktop.
  • Windows Start menu – select Start of the navigation path Start Next navigation step (All) Programs Next navigation step SAP Mobile Platform Server <version> Next navigation step Management Cockpit End of the navigation path.
  • Web browser – in a supported browser, enter: https://localhost:<https_admin_port>/Admin/
Note In a clustered server environment, some Management Cockpit activities must be performed on each node in the cluster. Connect to each node through a browser, using the host name and port for the node to which you want to connect.
Stopping Management Cockpit
To stop Management Cockpit, click the Logout icon, in the upper right corner.