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Configuring Push Notification SettingsLocate this document in the navigation structure

(Optional) Configure push-related settings by device type for the selected native, hybrid, or Mobile BI application. The application developer must have enabled push notification code for the application, and SAP Mobile Platform Server must be configured to support push.


SAP Mobile Platform Server notification properties must be configured:
  • The base notification URL that was configured during installation (sample format: http://SMPHostName:8080/). The host name set here must be accessible from the back end that triggers the notifications.
    Note In a cluster configuration, the push (notification) URL should point to the load balancer/proxy server, not a particular server node. This enables the load balancer to distribute the request to the appropriate node in the cluster.
  • (Optional) Proxy host and port used by SAP Mobile Platform Server to send notifications to APNS.


Use native notifications to allow third-party applications, or a back end to deliver native notifications, directly through the SAP Mobile Platform HTTP notification channel to the device, for example, BlackBerry (BES/BIS), Apple (APNS), or Android (GCM).

For more information, see REST API Application Development > Developing the Application> Native Push Notification for a Back End.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Applications Next navigation step Push End of the navigation path.
  2. Under Apple, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows, make push notification settings for the device or devices you choose.