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Installing the SAP Cryptographic LibrariesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Configure Secure Network Communications (SNC) for SAP Mobile Platform Server SAP JCo connections. SNC may be required by your SAP back end, if you are using SSO2 tokens or X.509 certificates for connection authentication.


Download and install the SAPCAR utility, which is required to extract the contents of the cryptographic library.


Unzip and install the contents of the latest SAP cryptographic archive on your SAP Mobile Platform Server host. There are different distribution packages for various hardware processors.

Make sure you are installing the correct libraries for your environment, and into folders that are based on the architecture of your machine.


  1. Go to the SAP Web site at published on SAP site (requires login) and download the latest SAP cryptographic library suitable for your platform.
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    2. Select and download the platform-specific file.
  2. Create a directory into which to unzip the cryptographic file. For example: C:\sapcryptolib.
  3. Copy the appropriate Windows cryptographic library for your machine (for example, SAPCRYPTOLIB<version>.SAR) to the C:\sapcryptolib directory.
  4. Open a command prompt and navigate to C:\sapcryptolib.
  5. Extract the SAR file. For example:
    SAPCAR_4-20002092.EXE -xvf C:\SAPCRYPTOLIB<version>.SAR -R C:\sapcryptolib
  6. Copy the following into the C:\sapcryptolib directory:
    • For Itanium 64-bit processors, copy the ntia64 subdirectory contents.
    • For Intel 64-bit processors, copy the nt-x86_64 subdirectory contents.
    • For Intel 32-bit processors, copy the ntintel subdirectory contents.
  7. Delete the corresponding subdirectory when files have been moved.
  8. If you have installed SAP Mobile Platform SDK, you must add the SECUDIR variable to the following batch file: <SMP_HOME>\MobileSDK<version>\Eclipse\MobileWorkSpace.bat.