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SAP Application Users Tracked with SAP License Audit OverviewLocate this document in the navigation structure

Review a list of application users that are tracked with the Global License Auditing Service. These application users are identities registered with SAP Mobile Platform during automatic on-boarding, or when the user is manually registered by an administrator.

Note Application users for applications created with Sybase Mobile Platform 2.1 or earlier are not included in the audit measurement results.
ID Unit
S001 SAP Mobile Platform User
S005 SAP Employee Lookup Mobile User
S010 SAP Leave Request Mobile User
S015 SAP Travel Receipt Capture Mobile User
S020 SAP Travel Expense Approval Mobile User
S025 SAP HR Approvals Mobile User
S030 SAP Cart Approval Mobile User
S035 SAP Timesheet Mobile User
S040 SAP Sales Order Notification Mobile User
S045 SAP Material Availability Mobile User
S050 SAP ERP Order Status Mobile User
S055 SAP CRM Retail Execution Mobile User
S060 SAP Field Service Mobile User
S065 SAP EAM Work Order Mobile User
S070 SAP ERP Quality Issue Mobile User
S075 SAP Customer and Contacts Mobile User
S080 SAP GRC Access Approver Mobile User
S085 SAP GRC Policy Survey Mobile User
S090 SAP Payment Approvals Mobile User
S095 SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet Mobile User
S100 SAP Interview Assistant Mobile User
S105 SAP Transport Notification and Status Mobile User
S110 SAP Transport Tendering Mobile User
S115 SAP Manager Insight Mobile User
S120 SAP Electronic Medical Record Mobile User
S125 SAP Sales Mobile User