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The mobile data model defines how mobile applications access data in your enterprise. The data model for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is OData. MBO Runtime 3.0 allows the deployment and management of mobile business object-based applications on SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.

Mobile business objects (MBOs) define the data model to be used by:

  • Native Object API applications
  • Hybrid apps based on HTML5 / JavaScript

OData applications using the messaging channel:

  • MBO Runtime also supports OData applications using the SAP Mobile Platform messaging channel (OData REST HTTP applications are not supported).

MBO Runtime
For information on administration and security for Object API and hybrid applications for MBO Runtime, see these guides in the SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 documentation set:
Applications Exclusively Available in SAP Mobile Platform 3.0

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 provides exclusive support for HTTP REST API and Agentry applications. Use only SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 to administer these applications; do not administer these applications using the MBO Runtime for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0. Furthermore, disregard those sections of the SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 documentation that reference these types of applications.

Changes from SAP Mobile Platform Version 2.3 SP04

MBO Runtime is based on the SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 SP04 code line, with the following changes:

Mobile SDK (MBO development) changes:

  • Support only for new installations. Can coexist with pre-2.3 SP04 Mobile SDK installations.
  • Does not include the Mobile Analytics Kit ( MAKit ) component. 
  • Does not include the Agentry SDK. 
  • Includes the BlackBerry OData SDK only. 
  • No support for Sysam licensing at install time.
  • No support for Juno Eclipse.
  • No support for coexistence with the Agentry plug-in.
  • Installed under the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 top level directory, and branded as version 3.0.

Mobile runtime and administration changes:

  • Supports upgrades from 2.3.<x> and new installations with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.
  • 64-bit installation only.
  • No support for Sysam licensing at install time, and no Sysam at runtime (SAP Global License Audit Services).
  • Removal of REST HTTP and Agentry support (functionality provided in SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 runtime). 
  • Disabling or removal of Admin APIs for REST HTTP and Agentry.