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Starting and Stopping SAP Mobile Platform Server on LinuxLocate this document in the navigation structure

Start and stop SAP Mobile Platform Server on Linux through a terminal window.

Note If you are using a custom database with SAP Mobile Platform, starting and stopping SAP Mobile Platform Server has no effect on the database. Only the default SAP SQL Anywhere database is automatically stopped and started in sync with SAP Mobile Platform Server.
Starting SAP Mobile Platform Server

You must manually start SAP Mobile Platform Server each time you restart the host system.

  • Open a terminal window, navigate to <SMP_HOME>/Server/, and run
  • To run the server in the background, run --background.

    The server has not fully started until you see the message: The SMP server has initialized and is ready.

    When you run, stderr is redirected to the server_daemon.log file; stdout is not redirected. For troubleshooting, you can run -clean to clear the OSGi cache before starting the server.

Stopping SAP Mobile Platform Server
  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Go to <SMP_HOME>/Server/.
  3. Execute