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Configuring an Application to Use X.509 and an SAP Gateway ServiceLocate this document in the navigation structure

Create an application that connects to the SAP Gateway RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT service, which is included with Gateway.


  1. Log in to Management Cockpit as the smpAdmin user, and select Applications.
  2. Click New, enter an ID and name for the new application, and click Save.
  3. Under Back End, enter https://<host>:<port>/sap/opu/odata/iwfnd/RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT as the Endpoint.

    Replace <host> and <port> with values that are appropriate for your Gateway system.

  4. For the Certificate Alias, enter ssotechnical. This must be the same alias you used to import the technical-user certificate into the SAP Mobile Platform Server keystore.
  5. Under SSO Mechanisms, click Add, select X.509, and click Save.
  6. Select Authentication, and select the Profile Name that you created.
  7. Enable Check Impersonation, and click Save.