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Inspecting Application DataLocate this document in the navigation structure

Use inspectors to view test client data, such as objects, transactions, data tables, and complex tables while you test.


Inspectors update data automatically; and remain open until you close them, or until the test client is stopped (logged out). In the Editor view, you can dock and resize inspectors; and you can set the pane orientation (left or right, horizontal or vertical mode).


  1. With your project open and test client running, select Start of the navigation path Inspect End of the navigation path.
  2. Select an inspector to view its data, including Objects, Transactions, Data Tables, and Complex Tables. You can open multiple inspectors, and can position them on the screen as needed using the horizontal and vertical icons.
  3. As you perform your tests, you can view data in the appropriate inspector. For example, perform an add operation in your test client, and then verify the operation executed correctly.
  4. Click X to close an inspector when you are finished with it.