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Developing with LogonCore and FlowEngine for WindowsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The LogonCore component implements user on-boarding functionality without workflows.

The logon component provides:
  • Registration requests to various security infrastructures
  • Access control with app-specific passcodes that adhere to policies specified in SAP Mobile Platform
  • Secure store to protect sensitive information, for example, logon credentials
  • Credential management, for example, changing the app passcode and the back-end password to enhance security in an enterprise environment
  • SAML-based authentication
  • Certificate-based logon with an X509 certificate that is:
    • .NET: installed for the user
    • Store Apps:
      • Installed for the user in the local certificate store of the application, or
      • Provided by a third-party certificate provider
  • Onboarding with configuration provided by SAP Mobile Place
  • Various customization options
Note Afaria is not supported on any of the Windows platforms by the SDK.

The FlowEngine component provides the logon UI on all Windows platforms and the registration/logon workflows. It presents logon screens on the device, providing easy integration for applications that use default logon UI behavior. The FlowEngine component also integrates the UI screens provided by the MobilePlace component.