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Running the Logon Application on iOSLocate this document in the navigation structure

Deploy and run the Logon project on iOS.


  1. In a terminal window, make sure you are in the project folder and execute the command:
    cordova prepare ios
  2. Open Xcode.
  3. In a Finder window, browse to your Cordova project folder, <Project Name>/platforms/ios.
  4. Double-click the <ProjectName>.xcodeproj file to open the project in Xcode.
  5. Add the clienthubEntitlements and $(CFBundleIdentifier) keychain groups to the Capabilities (Xcode 5) or Entitlements section of the project.
    This shows an example:
  6. The Afaria client is opened after calling sap.Logon.init(...), but can be disabled by modifying the file MAFLogonManagerOptions.plist. In Xcode, locate this file under Resources > MAFLogonManagerNG.bundle > MAFLogonManagerOptions.plist, and set keyMAFUseAfaria to false.
  7. If modifying the build settings for an iOS7 or iOS7.1 Deployment Target, you may get a library link error. You can manually add the libstdc++.6.0.9.dylib to fix the issue.
  8. Select your Simulator type and click the Run button.