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SAP Mobile Platform SDK provides developer tools that streamline the development, delivery, security and management of mobile applications.

SAP Mobile Platform provides an open development environment, which enables you to develop mobile applications using familiar environments and languages, open-source tools, and third-party toolkits, libraries, and frameworks. You can leverage SAP Mobile Platform services for authentication, secure data access and integration to SAP and non-SAP back-end software, application versioning and lifecycle management, usage analytics, and end-to-end traceability.

SAP Mobile Platform SDK development tools and SDKs leverage common open source technologies and standards to increase your productivity and reduce development time.
  • SAP Mobile Platform SDK development tools and SDKs leverage common open source technologies and standards to increase your productivity and reduce development time.
  • Native OData – the OData SDK provides an open and flexible framework for native OData application development for both online and offline applications. Mobile Application Framework (MAF) provides reusable components, including Logon, and an extensibility framework that speeds development of common features and functions.
  • REST API – enables standard HTTP client applications running in any platform to access SAP Mobile Platform REST services.
  • Kapsel – a set of SAP plugins for Apache Cordova to develop hybrid applications. The Kapsel plugins enable you to access SAP Mobile Platform features, such as application lifecycle management, logon and single sign-on functionality, and push notifications.
  • Mobile Application Workbench – Eclipse-based editor to enable building of resources that can be used to customize your mobile applications without recompiling the code.
  • Agentry Designer – Eclipse-based editor and SDKs to develop metadata-driven applications.
  • SMS Builder – provides tools to visually compose SMS mobile applications and test them using a built-in simulator. You can modify applications in real time to meet changing business needs, and redeploy them without disrupting service availability.
  • Portal Templates – reference Web applications that you can customize to meet your mobile-banking needs. You can also develop new Web applications to communicate with SAP Mobile Platform.
  • Supported SAP Development Tools – in addition to tools provided with the SAP Mobile Platform SDK, SAP provides other tools to further facilitate development. Find more information about these tools here:
    • Toolkit for Integration Gateway – A toolkit that supports data model development and generation tools for connecting to different datasources (both SAP and non-SAP) to create OData services. It also allows data from two or more datasources to be used in a single OData service. Application developers can use the OData services exposed by Integration Gateway to develop mobile applications, regardless of the datasource.
    • AppBuilder (SAP Mobile Platform Server)/Web IDE (SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services) – a browser-based open standards rapid development environment that leverages HTML5, JavaScript, and OData services. The simple drag-and-drop interface leverages SAPUI5 controls, and facilitates quick and simple deployment of your mobile application.