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The following list contains the members of the enumerated list AgentryActiveXPropertyType, along with the corresponding property type in the Agentry application project. One of these values is returned by the GetPropertyType method within the Agentry Client ActiveX API indicating the data type of the referenced property.

AgentryActiveXPropertyType Members
  • AXPT_Invalid - Returned when the property parameter does not reference a valid property
  • AXPT_Collection - Property is a collection property
  • AXPT_ComplexTableSelection - Property is a complex table selection
  • AXPT_Boolean - Property is a Boolean
  • AXPT_DataTableSelection - Property is a data table selection
  • AXPT_Date - Property is a date
  • AXPT_DateAndTime - Property is a date and time
  • AXPT_DecimalNumber - Property is a decimal
  • AXPT_Duration - Property is a duration
  • AXPT_ExternalData - Property is an external data
  • AXPT_Identifier - Property is an identifier
  • AXPT_Image - Property is an image
  • AXPT_IntegerNumber - Property is an integral number
  • AXPT_Location - Property is a GPS location
  • AXPT_Object - Property is an object instance
  • AXPT_Signature - Property is a signature
  • AXPT_String - Property is a string
  • AXPT_Time - Property is a time