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Share Operation: Committing Changes to the Share RepositoryLocate this document in the navigation structure


The following items must be addressed prior to performing this procedure:
  • The current Agentry application project must be connected to a share repository.
  • The Agentry application project should be in a state believed to be stable and/or ready for integration into other developers projects.
  • Any desired public tags should be applied prior to performing the commit.
  • Any additional information needed for the revision about to be created should be noted in preparation for adding such information to the revision’s comments during this process.


This procedure describes the steps involved in committing changes made to a local Agentry application project to the share repository to which the project is connected. When complete, all definitions modified in the local project since the last commit will be added to the share repository as a new revision. This revision will be the tip revision of the repository received by other developers during subsequent updates up until another revision is committed.


  1. Right click the open project in the Project Explorer View. In the context menu now displayed select Team | Commit.

    This displays the Commit Wizard:

  2. This screen displays, first, the comment field for the new revision and, second, the summary of changes made to the local project. Edit the comments as necessary. Click the [OK] button to proceed.
  3. The definitions that have been modified in the local project are updated to the share as a new revision.


When this procedure is complete a new revision is added to the repository as the tip revision. This revision includes the local Agentry application project definitions as they existed at the time of the commit. Any private tags on definitions resulting from modifying those definitions have been removed from the local project.

Next Steps

When the new revision has been created, other developers can retrieve the changes and integrate them with their local projects by performing update operations.