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The following items must be addressed prior to performing this procedure:
  • The directory in which the new share will be placed must exist prior to creating the share.
  • The directory for the share must be empty.
  • The directory should be in a location accessible by all developers on the team. This includes both read and write access to the directory and its contents.
  • The Agentry application project from which the share is to be created must be the open project in the Agentry Perspective.
  • The Agentry application project should be in a state where it makes sense to share with other developers on the team.
  • The Agentry application project cannot be connected to a share.


This procedure describes the steps involved in creating a new share repository. When this procedure is complete, a share will be created with the initial revision. The contents of this revision will match the current state of the Agentry application project from which the share is created. This local project will be connected to the new share. The share will be available to others for import to create local projects based on the initial revision. Going forward the share will support all share operations by developers with access to the share.


  1. Open the source Agentry application project in the Agentry Perspective within Eclipse.
  2. Right click the root project folder in the Project Explorer View. In the context menu select the item Team | Share Project...

    This displays the Share Project Wizard:

  3. Select the item Agentry Share from the list displayed in this screen. Click the [Next >] button.

    This displays the Share Location screen:

  4. Enter the location of an existing directory accessible to the developers on the team and meeting the requirements of an Agentry Share Repository. Click the [Next >] button.

    This creates the new share repository at the designated location. The status screen displays the definitions as they are added to the initial revision of the share:

  5. Click the [Finish] button to close the wizard and return to the Agentry Perspective.


When this procedure is completed, the new share repository is created. The initial revision of this share matches the current open project in the Agentry Perspective. This local project is connected to the newly created share repository. The share is now available to other developers with read-write privileges to the selected location from their Agentry Editors.

Next Steps

Developers with access to the share can import the initial revision, or the current tip revision, creating local Agentry application projects. Work performed by all developers can then be committed to this share, making it available to all others on the team.