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Perform a development publish in Agentry Editor when performing development work and customizations, or configuring an application project.


  • Access to a development version of SAP Mobile Platform Server.
  • An application definition in the cockpit. Be sure to set the developmentServer configuration property in Agentry.ini to true. Agentry.ini is located in <SMP_HOME>\Server\configuration\
  • An Agentry application project that is ready for testing.


In a development publish, SQL scripts, file system scripts, or batch files are written to the SAP Mobile Platform Server file system as separate, editable files. Subsequent publishing overwrites only the files that have changed.

The publishing process checks the overall integrity of the application project, listing errors or warnings in the Problems View. You can publish an application with warnings, but not with errors; therefore, to successfully publish, you must first correct any errors.


  1. In Agentry Editor, click Publish .
  2. Select Development Version, then click Next.
  3. Browse to the development server.
  4. (Optional) To generate the files that support localization, select Create override base files.
    These files contain project display strings, each string including an identifier. To localize an application, you can translate and reincorporate the contents of these files on the server.
  5. Click Next.
    The Publish Application to Server dialog shows the number of definition files that have been written to the SAP Mobile Platform Server.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Restart the development server.


The application is now available to any clients that are connected to the development server.