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Publishing Applications from the Agentry EditorLocate this document in the navigation structure

Agentry Editor supports two types of publishing: Development and Production. By default, files generated during publishing are compressed. You can change this and other publishing settings in Eclipse Agentry Editor Preferences.

Publishing During the Development Cycle

During the development phase, you publish to a development server for testing purposes. The first time you publish, all files are written to a location on the development server. Subsequent publishing overwrites only the files that have changed.

Publishing to Production for End Users

When development and testing are complete, you can perform a production publish, which creates a ZIP file that includes all specified application files, which you can then import in to SAP Mobile Platform Server. A production publish lets you indicate a version number, which must then increment during subsequent production publishes. You can also include additional project files, such as Java resource files, application-specific DLL files, JAR files for the back end, and other back-end configuration files.