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Agentry Application Export, Import, and Comparison IntroductionLocate this document in the navigation structure

A feature of the Agentry Editor is the ability to import and export application project definitions.

Exporting from a project can include the entire project or any selected definitions within it down to the module level and will create a single Agentry Export File (.agx) containing all exported definitions. The source for comparing and importing to an existing application project can be an Agentry Export File, another application project, or a mobile application as published to the Agentry Server. An additional option for the source of an import is an Agentry 3.x Editor, which will also contain the application project it manages.

The uses for importing and exporting Agentry application projects include:
  • Exporting to a single file in support of archiving an application project version control and backup.
  • Exporting components of an application that contain differences from a base-line project. This is common when an product application has been configured or customized, and it is desirable to archive those changes for future reuse.
  • Importing from an application project source to create a new project in the current Eclipse workspace. This may be done to create an application project from an archived export, or to upgrade an application project to a newer version of the Agentry Mobile Platform. Importing a project, Server published application, or export file created by a previous version will automatically upgrade the application project to the version of the Editor performing the import. Additionally, all products provided by Syclo are delivered with the Server and therefore must be imported to an instance of the Agentry Editor prior to extending or modifying the core functionality of the application.
  • Comparing and importing components of another application project or export file to a current project to make use of common customizations or configurations, or to take advantage of previous development work in the current application project.