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Agentry Test Script: Window Elements OverviewLocate this document in the navigation structure

Elements for closing windows on the client. Rarely used, as navigational actions defined to close screen sets should be used wherever present.

The window-related elements within the Agentry Test Script are provided to allow for interaction with the windows presented by the mobile client application. This is, in essence, the same as interacting with the screen set itself.

The elements provided include those to close the window to either return to the previous window or to return to the window presenting the main screen set of the module, to check for expected values in the title bar of the currently displayed screen, and also those to support entering a signature value in a detail screen displaying a property of type Signature.

Note that the elements to close the current window should only be used if there is no navigational action available within the application to perform this operation. If such an action is present, it should be used just as if a user were executing that action.