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Agentry Test Script: Scanner Elements OverviewLocate this document in the navigation structure

Elements for simulating scanner behaviors, including passing values in as barcode scanner values.

The scanner-related elements within the Agentry Test Script are used to test barcode scanner functionality. Included in this group of elements are those to start a barcode scan, set the scan value, and enable and disable the scanner simulator within the ATE.

It is important to note that these elements work directly through the barcode Scanner simulator within the Agentry Test Environment. The <scan-enable> element should be called to enable this simulator prior to calling the <scan-start> element, which passes the barcode value into the simulator, which in turn passes the value to the test client.

Alternately, if barcode scanner functionality is to be use, the barcode scanner can be enabled within the ATE prior to executing the test script. This will negate the need to enable it from within the script, which also requires the test client to be restarted.