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Agentry Test Script: Script Elements OverviewLocate this document in the navigation structure

Elements for the script itself, including the top-level <script> element, and elements related to logging and script execution.

The script elements within the Agentry Test Script language include the top-level <script> element that is the root to all test scripts, as well as elements for logging messages and pausing the execution of the script.

When a new test script is created by the Script Recorder in the ATE, it automatically creates the <script> element and required attributes. The other elements <script-log> and <script-pause> are manually added when needed.

Included in the <script> element is the attribute specifying the name space for the Agentry Test Script language, which is xmlns:ags="urn:script.Agentry.Syclo". If a script is created manually this should be an attribute included in the <script> element.