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The <<include...>> function allows you to include the contents of another file within the file calling the function. This content will be included at the point where the function call is placed. The included file should always be a plain text file.

This function is only used in specific cases and there are certain caveats that accompany its usage. These caveats are related to the fact that the file referenced does not need to be associated with any definition within the Agentry Editor. Because of this fact, the included file may not be controlled or monitored by the Editor. This means that, during a publish, this file will not be copied or transferred in any way to the Agentry Server. Therefore, changes made to this file will not be updated to the Server during a publish, meaning the file must be moved separately if changes are made to it.

Related to this, if the included file does not exist in a location that is accessible to both the Editor and Server, it must be copied to two separate locations, one for each of these components.

    <<include fileName>>
  • fileName The name of the file whose contents are to be included in the file calling the function.