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The <<or...>> function performs the logical disjunction of two or more Boolean values. Each argument is compared in the order listed until a true value is found, at which point the function returns true. If all arguments contain a false value, then the function will return false.

This function is almost always used as an argument to another function, normally the <<if...>> function. The reason for this is that the value returned is a Boolean value within the SDML and will simply return the text value of either “true” or “false” if not passed as an argument to a function.

    <<or boolArg1 boolArg2 [boolArg3...boolArgN]>>
  • boolArg1-N The boolean values checked for true or false by the function. May be either a Boolean data tag, or a function that returns a Boolean value. The function must have at least two arguments, and up to as many as needed. Each is checked in the order listed, until a true value is found.