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The <<>> data tag container is a special data tag provided to allow for user-specific data to be captured at the beginning of the synchronization process and made available globally to all other synchronization processing. The members of this container tag are determined based on values returned from the back end system. The methodology for this depends on the type of system connection for the back end system.

Members within the <<>> container are named when retrieved. Those values are then referenced using the syntax:

The members within this container tag are retrieved using either SQL queries run from the SqlBE.ini section [UserInfo]; or they are set via an HTTP-XML system connection’s response mappings. Specifically, the response mappings within the validate user requests for this system connection type.

When creating these tags via a SQL Database system connection, the column in the return set of the query retrieving these values will be the name for the data tag. When creating these tags using the HTTP-XML system connection, a part of the response mapping definition is the attribute containing the tag’s name.

For both system connection types, the tags available in the <<>> container are set immediately following user validation and are available to all synchronization processing that takes place after this point.

When a tag is added to this container in one system connection it will be available to synchronization components for all other system connections.