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The RIGHT function returns a sub-string of specified length from a given source string, beginning at the right-most character of the source string and counting back towards the beginning. The function takes two parameters. The first is the source string from which the sub-string is extracted. The second is the number of characters in the sub-string. If the specified number of characters is greater than the length of the source string, the entire source string is returned. If the specified number of characters specified is 0 or less, an empty string is returned.

    @RIGHT (Source, MaxLength)
  • Source String Required string parameter; contains the string value from which the sub-string will be extracted.
  • Max Length Required integral number parameter; contains the maximum number of characters to return from Source String. If this value is greater than the number of characters in Source String, Source String is returned in its entirety. If Max Length is 0 or negative, an empty string will be returned.
Supported Return Types