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The REPLACE function searches a given source string for a provided search string and replaces each instance of the search string with a replacement string. By default, this search is case-sensitive and includes the entire source string. Both of these behaviors can be overridden based on optional parameters to the function.

    @REPLACE (Source String, Search String, Replace String [, Case Sensitive [, Start Position]])
  • Source String Required string parameter; contains the source string to be searched by the function.
  • Search String Required string parameter; contains the string value to be searched for within Source String.
  • Replace String Required string parameter; contains the string value to replace Search String within Source String.
  • Case Sensitive Optional Boolean parameter; when specified, indicates whether the search should be case-sensitive. When true or if not provided, the search is case-sensitive. When false, case is ignored.
  • Start Position Optional integral number parameter; when specified, indicates the zero-based position within Source String to begin the search. The default is to search the entire Source String. If Start Position is less than 0 or is greater than the number of characters in Source String, an empty string will be returned.
Supported Return Types