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Starting a Test ClientLocate this document in the navigation structure

To test a client's functionality, start it in the Agentry test environment.


To start a test client, you must import an application project into the editor. You need not publish the project on the test server.


  1. With your project open, select Start of the navigation path Test Next navigation step Start Test Client End of the navigation path.
    The test client window opens, and might be anchored to the test environment, depending on your preference settings (by default, it is not anchored). You can move the client window anywhere on the screen, even if it is anchored.
  2. From the Select Agentry window, log in and enter the test server URL when prompted. For example: https://<server_name_or_address>. The Agentry test environment status bar shows the server name, and indicates "RUNNING" when successful.
  3. Test the client by selecting the various available Agentry test environment options.